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I have been creating and making since I was a child, I remember packing my bag to go and stay with my Grandparents for the weekend - in went felt, glue, needle and thread, cardboard, not the usual teddy, toothbrush and clean undies! Some of my earliest memories are of my Mum at her sewing machine making a beautiful nightie with matching dressing gown or with her knitting needles in her hands. I have such a clear picture in my mind of the incredible Starskey & Hutch style cardigan she knitted for my Dad!
It all rubbed off on me and creating became one of the most important things in my family life. Investing my time and skills in making something with love for a special person.
I am a hoarder of treasures, buttons, bits of ribbon and lace, and a collector of ephemera, shells, sea glass, feathers and stamps. So many things fire my creative imagination and take on a new form in my studio where I sew new life into old fabrics. I am passionate about sharing skills with people, opening up a world of creativity and relaxation, with children at my Super Stitchers classes and adults during workshops and Creative Cruises. The mental health benefits of making are well documented and so many of us experience the peace and satisfaction from a few hours sewing or making.